Rib Stitch Hat

Any 4 ply 4-oz. Skein. Any Color.

Knitting needles one pair # 6

Gauge 5 stitches one inch; six rows one inch

Be sure to check you gauge before starting hat. Use any size needles, which will obtain the stitch gauge above.

Starting at the lower edge cast on 116 stitches.

Row 1: * K 2, p 2. Repeat from * across. Repeat row 1 until total length is ten inches. Dec Row 1: * K next two stitches tog one stitch decreased; p 2. Repeat from * 87 stitches. Now work ribbing as follows: Row 1: P across. Row 1 (right side): * K 2, p 1. Repeat from * across. Repeat last two rows alternately 2 more times. Dec Row 2: * K 2 tog, p 1. Repeat from * across. Repeat last row until total length is 12 inches, ending with a wrong-side row. Dec Row 3: * K 2 tog. Repeat from * across-29 stitches. Now work as follows: Row 1: P across. Row 2: K across. Break off, leaving a 15-inch length of yarn. Thread a needle with this length and draw it though the remaining stitches. Pull up tightly and fasten securely on wrong side. Sew side edges together for back seam.



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