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~Linz's Poetry~

Emotion Sickness

Click the banner above to visit Linz's poetry site, and read ALL her works! I have chosen a few samples for your reading pleasure :-).


~Eyes The Color Of Envy~

When I feel

I should succumb to evil

I gaze into the eyes

The shade of envy

Telling the pain felt

During the life lived

But also sharing

The innermost love

They see through

The tears I’ve shed

And gently wipe them away

And hold me in a comforting embrace

Knowing that these eyes

Will empty my aching heart

And fill it with rejoicing

I am thankful

The eyes the color of envy

Tell of remorse

Tell of suffering

But tell more of cherished moments

As mine fill with tears

His fill with love

The eyes the color of envy

Are the color of passion


~Crucify Me~

I am weakened

By the cruel taunts

Of the crowd

That wants me dead

Forced to bear

The object I’m destined

To die upon

I stumble

As my crown

Sweats blood

My thirst is quenched

With bitterness

My eyes see the souls

Of the lost and blind

The life drained from my veins

Saves their own

And yet they’re so unaware

As their ignorance and arrogance

Crucifies me


~The Hardest Job~

I was made

I was created

To tell the children

What they would’ve become

My halo feels heavy

My wings weigh me down

As I confess their destiny

They could never fulfill

Children born in hatred

Only to die before birth

Killed by reckless drivers



Only to see Heaven

Only to know God and His angels

I see her

The cure for AIDS

I see him

The aide to mankind

So many lives

That could’ve saved lives

Killed mercilessly

I have the hardest job


~Battle With The Dragon~


I quiver in fear

Everything’s gone


I rise, an amateur

Unaware of my destiny

My courage unsatisfactory

The repulsive Beast awaits

I venture the plane

The toxic air surrounding me

The Evil lingers

I am unable to be petrified

For my pugnacious nature

Overwhelms me

I ordain the fight

And dissociate myself from all else

My mind, completely sober

Only intensifies my strength

The wretch sits

In his realm

Stabilizing his reign

Only to fall

Seeing me as cumbersome

This judgment


I swing my Two-Edged Sword

And guard myself with my Armor

His defiance

In jeopardy

My strength

Coincides with my courage

My Sword and Shield

Impel perilous triumph

The battle with the Beast

Is finished

I have demolished the Dragon

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