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Thanksgiving Dad & Mom's Dressing
From the Kitchen of etc4jesus


Servings: lots
Preparation Time: 2-3 hours

Recipe Ingredients

Giblet pack from turkey INCLUDING NECK 2 Qts Water
1 Bunch Celery Chopped
2 med Onion Chopped
salt and pepper
Poultry Seasoning...start with 2 Tbs
Cheap white Bread cubed and air dried at least
8 hours. you'll need enough to absorb liquid
4 beaten eggs
1 stick oleo or butter

Recipe Directions

Boil all giblets in water w/ onion , celery, seasonings.
Boil then Slow cook til vegetables
are tender.
Remove giblets and neck from broth Add 1 Stick oleo
stir and Cool.
Add beaten eggs to cooled mixture, add cubed bread
then pour into greased pan
Bake 300-350 til knife inserted in center comes out
this is the BEST bread dressing recipe. I used to eat
cold slabs from the fridge.

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